Who We Are


Founders Chris and Shelley Moulton formed the Fernie Friends for Friends from their own personal experience.

There are so many extra expenses incurred during the treatment of cancer above and beyond regular expenses.

This is a stressful time for families and having extra bills to pay for out of town treatment puts more pressure on families.


Our purpose is to support individuals in Fernie who are going through cancer treatment. We would provide monetary aide for medical expenses, incurred out of town. Examples of expenses could include: travel, meals, parking and or accommodations.

Our group can also provide support at home. Friends for Friends can  assist with meals, help with shopping or just share in a friendly visit.

Families or friends of individuals who are going through cancer treatment can contact our group and request assistance.

BOARD MEMBERS                                            
President – Chris Moulton
Vice President – Shelley Moulton
Director – Shari Palmer250.423.0359
Director – Jeri Mitchell250.423.0546
Director – Nicole Bush250.278.5874
Director – Val Luznar-Purdy250.423.3827
Director – Liz Bailey250.423.9115

Director – Rhoda Deluca